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A Little About Me

Hi, I am Erin Grujic. I have been an occupational therapist for 18 years, and have always had a passion for working with children. I've dreamed of having a mobile sensory clinic for years and now it's time for it to hit the road. I'm bring my mobile sensory integration clinic to rural communities in Southern Alberta. This project started as a dream but with the support of ATB, and my community it has become bigger than I ever imagined.



In March 2018 I pitched my idea of a mobile sensory integration clinic, a converted school bus that will visit rural communities in southern Alberta. I ran a crowdfunding campaign through ATB financial and successfully raised $10,000 to get my project started. 

I am a private practice Occupational Therapist providing services in rural Southern Alberta. I have contracted services with Livingston Range School Division, as well as with Piikani board of Education. I was already travelling the roads but often didn’t have the right equipment to help children with sensory issues.  What I needed was a space with swings, mini trampolines, climbing equipment and crash mats that could travel with me. So with the money I raised in my ATB Booster Campaign, I purchased a bus (the old Sunshine Village Ski Bus) and converted it into a mobile sensory clinic. The bus is equipped with specialized sensory equipment to create a fun and safe space for learning and sensorimotor development. 

I'm an experienced occupational therapist with training in sensory integration so I can assess the children and set up the bus specific to each child's needs. Children can visit the bus by scheduling appointments on the days the bus will be in their community.  The therapist can then make recommendations for home and school activities.  

The bus can also be available for small parties.

The mobile sensory clinic will allow rural communities like Pincher Creek, where I live, to access specialized services that are available in urban centers. I have knowledge and expertise using sensory integration frame of reference to help improve behavior, learning, daily functioning, coordination and motor skills. 


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