Get on Your Sensational Path

Get on Your Sensational Path


“The time to have the map is before you enter the woods” - Brendon Burchard
Do you want clarity, focus, energy and productivity? I have the map/path that will give you clarity, energy and productivity. Your sensational path!!
This is an 8 week program that will work through goal setting, prioritizing, scheduling, self care, energy, and productivity to help you reach your potential best in 2018. 
There are 2 price points
1. Coaching package with fitness program $249
2. Coaching package without fitness program. $97

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If you opt for the Fitness package you get the 8 week coaching group plus a year of fitness streaming your whole family can enjoy, and a healthy shake. 

Coaching package includes 8 weeks of coaching to help you achieve clarity, energy and productivity.