What is Sensory Processing? Do you have a big or little cup?

What is Sensory Processing? I have adopted the cup analogy (a child's view of sensory processing) to help explain sensory processing.  We have 7 senses, vison, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and 2 movement senses: proprioception and vestibular. We all have cups that hold or collect our sensory input.  You can have a big cup or a little cup for sensory information. If you have a big cup it takes a lot of sensory input to fill your cup. If you have a little cup it doesn't take much sensory input and your cup is full or overflowing. You can have a big cup for some senses and a little cup for others. Click on the sensory checklist and I'll send you a checklist to help you determine  which cup applies to you. Check out this video for the full explanation.